www.iTTO.ca is one of Canada's newly providers of information technology, products, services and business consulting expertise. We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed through integration, transformation of their business models.

www.iTTO.ca provides a variety of business IT Services including Network Design and Implementation, Consulting, Enterprise Application Rollout, and Hardware and Software Sales.

We are a consulting and intermediary firm.
We will connect your firm with the tools you need and the expertise you require.

Individually distinguished; as a team incomparable!

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Our Mother Company has a long history in being a Technical Facilitator, having opened our first office here in1991 as an entrepreneurial entity. Today, www.iTTO.ca is headquartered in heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, and has been assigned nationwide responsibilities for sales, marketing, out sourcing and Services. Our affiliates through technical advice and their unlimited supports have made us a stronger team ever.
Our extensive collaboration with university researchers through Centre for Advanced Studies was the main contribution to our success.

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